Toddler tells dad she's 'done' with sausages after learning where they come from

A little girl told her dad she was ‘done’ with sausages after he told her where they come from – and he caught it all on camera.

Three-year-old Erin Copeland was eating sausages and mash when she asked her dad, Brian, 30, how sausages are made. But she probably wishes she hadn’t.

Brian pauses for a few moments while he contemplated how to tell his daughter that she was actually eating a pig as he recorded her reaction.

After a few moments he tells her: ‘We turn the pigs into sausages, the sausages are pigs,’ and in horror, Erin replies: ‘But that’s not very nice!’

Following the news, Brian tries to feed Erin sausages but she tells her dad that she’s ‘done’ and doesn’t want to eat sausages anymore.

Brian, from Glasgow, explained: ‘Erin asked about where her food came from and I told her how the sausages come from pigs. I was quite specific about it, I told her how we take the pigs and make sausages out of them with machines.

‘She said it wasn’t nice and wouldn’t eat the sausages on her plate! She eats them now but her favourite things are cucumbers and carrots!

‘She doesn’t have a problem with it now.

‘Food is a big thing and I think it’s important children know where it comes from.

‘I feel like if she’s old enough to ask the question then she’s old enough to get the answer.

‘I love it when she asks questions, being a parent you get a lot of questions but I don’t think children should be shut down when asking questions.

‘Erin always asks more questions and I think it’s great!’

Brian uploaded a video of the adorable exchange online and was amazed when it took off and his Youtube upload alone gained more than 50,000 views.

The marketing coordinator said: ‘I was not expecting anything when I uploaded it, it was mainly for my mother. I uploaded the video onto Reddit and it just blew up! Lots of people loved it.

‘Some people are appalled by it, some think it’s the right thing to do and find it really cute and some people say I should show her the conditions some animals live in but I think she’s a bit too young for that!

‘Erin is just really bubbly and always asks questions and I love answering them!’

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