Woman "discovers" kettles for the first time

‘Americans have discovered kettles!’ Britons poke fun at Twitter thread where people from the US marvel over the appliance and share tips such as ‘using it to heat water for cooking’

  • Kha Lynsai who lives in America, spent years boiling water on the stove
  • Posting on Twitter, revealed she ‘discovered’ kettles while shopping at Target 
  • Responses were amused as the tweet quickly racked up over 17,800 re-tweets 

A woman who spent years boiling water on the stove has gone viral on social media after revealing she recently ‘discovered’ kettles for the very first time.

Posting on Twitter, American user Ju That Jeweller wrote: ‘So I finally converted to a (electric) kettle and this mf really boils water in 2 minutes. I had tea 3 times today.’

And she was quickly inundated with responses, including one from Kha Lynsai, who  revealed that she had found out about the ‘godsend’ kitchen appliance just one year ago.

Kha explained that she spotted the kettle in Target after growing tired of warming water on the stove – and shared her excitement, while others offered ‘tips’ on how to use a kettle.

An American woman has gone viral on Twitter, after revealing she only discovered kettles one year ago

Kha Lynsai (pictured) responded to a viral tweet, revealing she had spent years boiling water on the stove

Kga wrote: ‘A f***ing godsend sis.  Omg mine is so cute and rose gold. Got it from Target like a year ago.

‘Plus it shuts off once it boils so when I don’t burn s*** LMAO I got so tired of warming water on the stove like my ancestors.’ 

Another Twitter user added a hack for using kettles, saying: ‘A tip, if you hadn’t thought of it already, boil the kettle for cooking as well.

‘For example, if you’re making pasta, instead of bringing the water to the boil on the stove, boil it in the kettle and then pour it into the pot so you don’t have to wait.’

The exchange has left people in stitches, with many other Twitter users roasting them.

One person shared screenshots of the tweet with the caption: ‘Americans have found kettles.’

One response to Kha’s tweet offered advice, explaining boiling water from a kettle can be useful when making pasta 

Kha’s tweet went viral and racked up over 17,800 re-tweets, joking that less developed countries have kettles

The savage tweet has since gone viral, gaining over 140,000 views and 17,800 retweets, leaving users in hysterics.

One said: ‘America just surprises me. This thing is all over Third World countries that don’t have electricity.

Another commented: ‘It’s been here for decades, also most of us just don’t see the point in spending money on extra appliances that are superfluous if you have a pot and a stove.’

A third added: ‘They’ve finally discovered kettles! Next step healthcare?’

Explaining the lack of kettles in the U.S, another wrote: ‘People here just aren’t hardcore hot tea drinkers. Way more likely to have an electric coffeemaker than an electric kettle. I didn’t know it existed until five years ago. I asked for it for Xmas, my whole family was like ‘that’s a thing?’ and wanted one too lol’ 

Some American Twitter users argued the appliance isn’t popular because many people rely on using coffee machines 

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