Woman saves kitten from car engine just like her Are You Being Served? namesake

A trapped pussy had to be freed from the ­engine of a car – owned by a Ms Slocombe.

Just like her fictional namesake from classic TV sitcom Are You Being Served? Ms Slocombe had a problem with a ­fur-legged friend.

Zoe Slocombe’s near kitastrophe began when she heard pitiful meowing outside her home.

She investigated but could not see anything.

Eventually, she tracked down the noise to the engine of her Fiesta.

Zoe, 25, said: “My dad came out but he couldn’t see anything either.

“It was dark but, by torchlight, we finally saw a tiny furry bum inside the grille. We took a wheel off and saw right into the engine.”

“It was trapped and we had to ­remove both headlights. Then we ­managed to pull him out.”

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