You can instantly lower your energy bill and go green at no cost

2020 has been a rollercoaster — but your energy bill doesn’t have to be.

As you spend more time at home, you are probably using more electricity than you usually do, from turning on lights that are usually off to blasting the AC when you would normally be at work. In a time where cutting costs is of utmost importance, however, having your energy bill increase is far from ideal.

If you live in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, MD, OH or IL, then there may be an easy solution right beneath your nose. What most of us do not know, is that the company that delivers your electricity doesn’t have to be the same company that produces it, because your energy bill is broken down into two aspects: delivery and supply.

While the first company will always deliver your electricity and is also responsible for any service interruptions and billing, you can and should shop around and manage the supply part of your bill, and, in turn, take advantage of the competition and choose your electricity provider the same way you choose your provider for TV, internet or cell phone.

If the idea of lowering your electricity bill piques your interest, then you need to check out PowerSetter, the Expedia of electricity. Much like this travel site aggregates the best rates from hotels and airlines, PowerSetter gathers all the rates from electricity providers in your area and allows you to instantly compare them so that you can find the best price. The process is also completely free.

PowerSetter users have been known to save up to 37% on their energy bill, but, these savings aren’t where the benefits end. The service can also help you make the switch to green energy without any appointments, phone calls, or installations. Score!

Getting started is so easy. Simply head to PowerSetter, enter your zip code, and see all the available plans in your area. If you find one that suits your fancy, then all you have to do is enter your address and utility account number, and, voila! How easy is that?

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