Your five-day party hair guide: How to create a week of party looks

Your VERY low-fuss festive hair guide: Celebrity stylist reveals five simple styles to take you through a whole week of parties (with NO washing required)

  • Celebrity stylist Adam Reed shared a guide to five hairstyles you can wear 
  • The looks can be worn night after night with no washing needed in between
  • The hairdresser gave step-by-step guide to creating salon-quality looks at home
  • Consist of a curly blow dry, waves, a sleek down-do, a low ponytail, a power pony

Party season is well and truly upon us, and if you’re panicking at the thought of trying to squeeze in salon blow dries, there’s good news in store. 

Celebrity stylist Adam Reed has shared five simple hairstyles with FEMAIL that will take you through a full week of festive parties, and best of all, there’s no need to wash your hair in between.   

The British hairdresser to the stars, who counts Diane Kruger and Sophie Dahl among his clients, created an easy step-by-step guide starting with a glossy blow dry using a round brush, and finished with ghd straighteners.   

Next, Adam, ghd global brand ambassador, demonstrates how you can create Eighties waves using tongs, before switching to a low ponytail, a high ponytail and finally an ultra sleek ‘down’ do to complete a week of fabulous hair – and all without forking out at the hairdresser… 


Celebrity hairstylist Adam Reed shared his top tips to a week of party-ready flawless hair, starting with a glossy blow dry (pictured) which will double up as your first look and a base for your styles for the rest of the week

Set the foundation for the week ahead with the perfect glossy blow dry. Starting the week with a good blowdry will create a base that will last all week as you won’t have time to wash and blowdry your hair mid-week and those extra 30 minutes in bed each day can take priority. 

STEP 1: Prep hair with a root lift spray, starting at the roots and then combing through the ends.

STEP 2:  Next, lightly mist with a heat protect spray all over the hair – lifting the hair as you go to ensure you gain even coverage.

STEP 3: Start at the base, using a round brush and move the brush along the hair, following closely with ghd air glacial blue hairdryer (£99). The nozzle of the dryer should always follow the brush continually, facing the direction of the brush. Go over the same section several times until fully dry and smooth.

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STEP 4: Work from the nape up to the top of the hair, always drying on a medium setting and smoothing each section with a cool blast at the end. Keep your thumb on the cool button, so as you’re drying your thumb is pushing on the cold air to seal the cuticle. This gives amazing shine, longevity in the blow-dry and incredible hold.

STEP 5: Tackling the front section of your hair is definitely the most difficult part of blow-drying, particularly if you have shorter pieces around the front. Go slightly smaller on your brush for this section. Or, if you find it really hard to control, this is where you would go for a bristle brush. The bristle will help to gently smooth the hair out and make it as easy as possible.

STEP 6: Finally, get rid of flyways. Apply hairspray on the fingers – never apply hairspray directly onto your hair – and gently press the hairspray onto the roots using your palms. Start at the parting and then smooth out.

STEP 7: Then, take your styler and just using the warmth of the back of the styler smooth down any flyaway hairs at the root. The heat of the styler warms the resins in the hairspray and sets it into the hair. Once you’ve done this, it will last a good couple of days.  


Adam’s next look for day two is ‘loose waves’, which is simply created by wrapping a section of hair around curling tongs before running your fingers through the curls to loosen the waves

Create loose waves by tonging sections of hair using curling tongs. Wrap your hair around the tong, facing away from the face, then massage the roots and brush through the curls using your fingers for an undone look. 

STEP 1: Apply a root lift spray to the roots for added volume and hold.

STEP 2: Spray a curl hold spray through the mid-lengths and ends for long-lasting curls.

STEP 3: Starting at the back, take a horizontal section and place a curl tong below the section with the clamp open.

STEP 4: Wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for 5 to 8 seconds. Continue working up towards the crown, always with the tong below the section pointing away from the face.

STEP 6: On the very front sections, place the tong behind any shorter pieces or your fringe to frame your face. Repeat on both sides.

STEP 7: Dress the curls out using a paddle brush, brushing the hair back for added volume.


And day three of Adam’s look consists of a low ponytail with the waves created on day two, along with volume to the roots and  a beachy front section for a fast day-to-night look

Your hair will start to look flat now so refresh and revive your hair by creating super quick texture and volume at the roots. Crimp the underneath sections of hair around the crown, taking only 5 seconds per section of hair to create long lasting immediate volume. Spray with dry shampoo, then release the remaining hair on top and brush over before securing the hair into a low pony for instant glamorous volume and a more beachy texture than the day before. 

STEP 1: Section away the top section of your hair, so as to hide the crimp later.

STEP 2: Starting at the top, crimp the hair from root to temples all the way around the head.

STEP 3: Repeat this step on layers below until you reach just above the eyes, then let down the top section to hide the crimped roots. Bring the front layers/fringe forward to help frame the face.

STEP 4: Spray with dry shampoo, then release the remaining hair on top and brush out using an oval dressing brush to smooth the hair.

STEP 5: Secure the hair into a low pony for instant glamorous volume and a more beachy texture than the day before.


Day four of your week of salon-fresh looks consists of a super sleek blow dry with centre parting, using dry shampoo to get rid of any greasy roots for a sharp and chic look

Disguise greasy roots by creating a super sleek, straight look with a statement centre parting. 

STEP 1: Prep your hair with a root lift spray for added volume and fullness.

STEP 2: Blow dry using a hairdryer and paddle brush, lifting your hair up and away from the root.

STEP 3: Section the hair at the front (about 2-3 cm) and place the ghd platinum+ glacial blue styler (£175) at the mid length of your hair, gently closing the plates as you glide through.

STEP 4: Repeat this process throughout the sections until complete, always starting from the midlengths to retain volume at the root with movement at the ends.

STEP 5: Spritz a final shine spray onto a paddle brush. Lightly pass through your hair for a luxe finish and ultimate shine.


Last but not least, day five will see you work your sleek blowdry into a power pony – perfect for the dance floor.

Create a smooth power pony. This strong party look actually holds better on hair that isn’t super clean. Tie a ribbon around the ponytail so the focus is on the ponytail and attention is drawn away from the front of your hair. 

STEP 1: Section the top of the hair away from the bottom using your ear as a guide. Clip the bottom half away.

STEP 2: Brush your hair to the back of the head keeping in line with the cheek bone, then smooth with an oval dressing brush. Keep tension tight and tie with an elastic at the crown area.

STEP 3: Take the loose section of hair from underneath the ponytail, brush up tightly and secure it to the ponytail with an elastic.

STEP 4: Spray a hairspray on the palms of your hands and smooth over the surface of your hair.

STEP 5: Lastly, use a styler to smooth and straighten the ponytail for a polished look.

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