Your Partner Might Be The One If They Say Or Do These 5 Things On Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentines Day — the day for roses, chocolates, un-met expectations, and cheesy decorations everywhere you go (even the doctor’s office). But believe it or not, although it can feel like an overly-commercialized holiday, it very much can live up to the hype of feeling like the most romantic day of the year if you’re with someone who feels… right. If you think your partner might be the one, there may be some ways to tell for sure based on how they act or what they say on Valentine’s Day. The holiday doesn’t have to be cheesy or tacky, and it might be a great opportunity to express your feelings if you’re with someone who you see a future with.

"Valentine’s Day is a specific holiday dedicated to those in love, and therefore the perfect time for your partner to express the depth of their feelings," Susan Winter, bestselling author and relationship expert, tells Elite Daily. "If they haven’t made a grand gesture before, now’s the time to do so. Even if the relationship is new, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to kick off a more meaningful level of participation. Your mate has the liberty to indulge in romance without feeling like they’re being over-the-top."

Soak in all that love! And take note of what your partner is saying and doing on the day of romance, because you might just learn that they’re the real deal.

1They tell you *you’re* the one.

If your partner sits down with you on Valentine’s Day to tell you that they’ve "found the person they’ve been looking for," as Winter says, then that might mean they think you’re the one for them. If you feel the same way about them, that’s always a reassuring thing to hear.

2They say that they can’t believe you’re here.

Another thing your partner might say on V-Day is that they’ve "waited a lifetime for you, and now you’re here," according to Winter. If they tell you this, Winter says it’s because they truly care about you and think you’re the one.

3They tell you how good things are between you.

Another thing your partner might say on Valentine’s Day is that "every day gets better and better and they can’t imagine life without you," according to Winter. Sa-woon. It’s always great to hear that you make someone’s life a little better, but to hear it from a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day can mean so much.

4They want to talk about the future.

If your partner wants to be with you long-term, then they might use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to talk about it. If they ask "how you feel about spending the future with them," or, for example, even if they try to make plans months down the road, Winter says they might be ~the one~ and they see you in their life for good.

5They ask you to move in.

Another fairly big gesture your partner might do on Valentine’s Day is "present you with the keys to their home or apartment," says Winter. Moving in together is a big deal, so if your partner chooses the most romantic day of the year to ask you to live together, then it probably means they’re in it for the long haul.

Valentine’s Day might seem a little cheesy, but if you’re with someone you love, it serves as a great opportunity to move your relationship forward. If you and your partner take the day to truly connect and get closer, it can be a really special memory. "Confirmation of one’s affection is always romantic," Winter says. "Your mate’s declaration of love can solidify what you were feeling, but afraid to believe." So, if your significant other says or does any of these things, take note and bask in all that loving.

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