Awkward moment two bunnies caught having sex during horse race on live TV

THIS is the moment two randy rabbits were caught getting down and dirty in the middle of a horse race.

Thankfully for the amorous bunnies, they managed to run off before being trampled by a stampede of hooves.

The 6.45pm race at the Irish track of Dundalk took a dramatic turn as the seven horses approached the closing stages.

Two rabbits appeared to be having sex on the sandy tack as the much larger animals thundered home.

Their love-making may have been interrupted as they scarpered to safety, but at least they escaped with their lives.

For the record, 2/1 favourite Sky Seven won the race, beating 8/1 shot Invasion Day into second.

Jupiter Road was the horse that came closes to crashing into the rabbits as it tried to keep in touch with then-leader Lafayette Hill.

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