Coronavirus: Singapore's indoor skydivers resume training at the stroke of midnight

SINGAPORE – Singapore’s indoor skydivers were the first athletes to resume training at midnight on Friday (June 19) as the Republic moved to its second phase of reopening.

World champion Kyra Poh was one of five indoor skydivers at iFly Singapore on Friday, and the 18-year-old said: “I cannot describe enough what it means to me to fly again in the tunnel.

“I started indoor skydiving at eight years old. It feels uneasy not being able to keep up with my routine when the wind tunnel had to shut during the circuit breaker.

“While I have been working out regularly to stay in form, training is not the same without the wind tunnel experience. There’s nowhere else I can replicate the feeling of weightlessness.”

The other four athletes are Choo Yi Xuan, Isabelle Koh, Minejima-Lee Kai and Vera Poh.

iFly Singapore’s chief executive officer Lawrence Koh noted that training for the sport needs to take place in the wind tunnel so that flyers can better understand how to control their speed and moves in the air.

“Being the home ground for pro flyers in Singapore, we understand their anxiety when training was halted for an extended period of time,” he added.

“We want to support the community and their aspirations for the sport to the best of our ability and we do this by availing a safe space and an uplifting environment to help them develop their potential.”

The venue is currently open to professional and sport flyers to resume training, with the wind tunnel to open to the public at a later date.

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