Ederson gets bored during Man City win over Wolves and joins outfield players in midfield

The cocksure Brazil keeper ran out of his box to cut out a through ball to Adama Traore with his chest and, having committed to the cause, proceeded to tackle Morgan Gibbs-White.

Just yards from the halfway line and with about five minutes to go Ederson, who had little to do all night, then played one-twos with both Ilkay Gundogan and Fernandinho before jogging back to his position.

Fans loved the stopper's midfield exploits during City's win over Wolves and sent social media into meltdown.

One wrote: "Ederson's body language then. Like an indifferent teenager who just can't be a***d, all 'meh – whatever', just stood 40 yards from the goal playing 1-2s without a care in the world.

"The man is a freak. A genuinely crazy b******. And I love him."

Another added: "Big fan of Ederson coming up to the half way line and playing a few one touch passes because he's bored."

While one joked: "Wtf is Ederson doing. He should be charged by the FA for this. It's a disgrace to wolves ? "

Sky cameras caught City boss Pep Guardiola looking less than impressed by Ederson's centre-mid role.

But the Spaniard insisted he had no problem, saying "we love him the way he is".

Guardiola said: "I’m so pleased because he stays high [Ederson], the keeper has to defend our back four, in front with the long balls he’s perfect.

"Adama [Traore] is maybe the fastest player I’ve ever seen in my life. It was good, he makes a decision, maybe he must be more precise, but the ball is out, no problem. But if you handle the risk, it’s not easy.

"When he helps to do that, we play better, our build up is better, our midfielders get the ball in better conditions. Ederson, we love him the way he is, that’s why it’s not a problem."

Ederson has revolutionised goalkeeping in the Premier League with his 70-yard passes and composed footwork under pressure.

After joining City from Benfica in 2017, he admitted he would like to try his hand outfield.

Ederson said: "Well, if one day I am needed I think I could!

"When I started my career, I was actually a left-back and I do have some qualities playing with my feet, so I think that helps a lot, especially due to the way we play at City.

"It’s a huge responsibility to play at the back, there is no room for mistakes, so I must be constantly focused to give my best.

"It is all about hard work and concentration. Our team has been able to play such great football, but we work very hard making sure we understand our roles and duties.

"Everything we have been practicing in the training sessions, we have brought it into the games and I strongly believe that if we keep going, in the same way which is our goal, we can go even further and win a lot more games.

"But if there was a situation where I was ever needed outfield, yeah, I’d definitely give it a go!"

One man sure to have loved Ederson's unorthodox approach last night is Paris Saint-Germain coach Thiago Motta, who wants to revolutionise football and introduce a 2-7-2 formation – with the keeper in midfield.

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