How Patrick Corbin stole wife’s heart before breaking Yankees’

Before the infamous — and ultimately unsuccessful — toast, there was an intricate proposal plan.

Patrick Corbin, who accepted a six-year, $140 million package from the Nationals on Tuesday, said he had to trick his wife, Jen, before popping the question last year.

“Yeah, I just kind of lied to her about it,” Corbin said of the moment.

Corbin, 29, kept Jen in the dark, letting her believe they were en route to a team photo shoot, before taking her to their new house and having a photographer present, according to ABC 15 Arizona.

“I was nervous on the way there because she was FaceTiming her friends on my phone. I didn’t want someone to send me a text and [have it] pop up,” Corbin, then a member of the Diamondbacks, told the TV station.

“But it was cool. Everybody kept it a secret. A lot of people knew about it. Everything worked out the way I planned.”

Corbin married Jen this fall, with family members making a pitch for him to join one of his childhood favorites, the Yankees, at his wedding.

“His younger brother gave a best-man speech and at the end took out a Yankees hat and put it on, which elicited great applause,” The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal first reported.

Corbin, a Syracuse, New York, native, met with the Bombers brass in late November.

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