Kenny Omega Documentary Reportedly In Works For HBO

The documentary looks to be focused on his Golden Lovers work with Kota Ibushi.

It looks like HBO is working on a documentary about the story of Kenny Omega and The Golden Lovers — his tag team with Kota Ibushi in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

On Reddit, a user posted a clip from the Kreative Kontrol podcast featuring Canadian artist Joseph Shabason, wherein he spilled the beans on the upcoming project. He mentioned that he was working on the score for a new documentary for HBO that would focus on Kenny Omega.

He said, “And then I just finished scoring a documentary on a wrestler that’s going to be coming out on HBO in the new year.”

When asked if he could reveal who the wrestler in question was, he hesitated, then said, “It’s a wrestler named Kenny Omega. He’s a wrestler from Winnipeg who went to Japan and formed this tag team called The Golden Lovers, which was sort of like the first ever queer storyline in wrestling.”

Omega and Ibushi’s kayfabe romance was more implied than actually spelled out in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It should be noted that this particular angle is not the first same-sex storyline in professional wrestling, but was one of the first ones to be handled with tact.

The comment was just a short clip out of the hour long episode of Vish Khanna’s podcast, but it certainly made waves quickly within the wrestling community. Wrestling fans are known to crave behind the scenes stories about their favorite wrestlers, and a documentary on Kenny Omega would certainly fulfill that desire.

Interestingly, a Reddit user actually reported that the documentary was in the works quite a while ago. About three months ago he wrote, “apparently, HBO is filming a Kenny Omega special right now.” He was unable to back up his claims, though.

When asked for a source, he said, “I guess than other than my conversation with my friend there isn’t official sources of it yet.” As one might expect, no one believed the Reddit user without any proof, but with that report — and with Joseph Shabason claiming to have worked on the score — it seems likely that this documentary could happen.

As one might expect, the Redditor in question was quick to go back and reply to his doubters after the report came out today.

We don’t have any information about when the documentary is set to air, other than the claim by Shabason that it’ll hit in the new year. Perhaps the release will be timed with the launch of All Elite Wrestling, as it would bring a lot of attention to the upstart wrestling promotion.

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