Live updates: NRL grand final – Melbourne Storm v Penrith Panthers

All the action as the Melbourne Storm take on the Penrith Panthers in the NRL grand final.

Storm assistant coach Jason Ryles believes Melbourne’s under the radar approach to the Grand Final will be a huge advantage over the in-the-spotlight Panthers.

Penrith will be both buoyed and burdened by the intense focus on them in Sydney’s rugby league heartland, while Ryles revealed the Storm are preparing largely unnoticed on the Sunshine Coast.

“The main thing is it has been pretty quiet,” Ryles said on The Big Sports Breakfast.

“We played that first game so we have had quite a long turnaround with nine days between games, so the players had the first two days off and we did our review on the third day.

“They had another day off yesterday and we are into it this morning into our four-day lead-in, so just like normal.

“But the main difference is it is a lot quieter up here and in particular not being able to leave the bubble where we live.”

The Storm have plenty of grand final experience, but Ryles believes the out of sight out of mind approach will benefit the younger players preparing for their first NRL decider.

“I don’t think it would matter with Cameron Smith, but it does with a lot of the younger guys because one there is not a lot of focus on us up here,” Ryles said.

“We had a fan day the other day and about five people turned up, so it was pretty funny. It is a lot different in that regard and therefore there is a lot less focus on them.”

The Storm are favourites heading into the Sunday night decider despite the Panthers aiming for an amazing 18th win in a row.


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