Manny Pacquiao had 'multi-million dollar' offer from Middle East to rematch Floyd Mayweather but coronavirus axed plans

MANNY PACQUIAO had a 'multi-million dollar' offer from the Middle East to rematch Floyd Mayweather, reports say.

But Pacquiao's chance to avenge the 2015 points defeat was scrapped amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to World Boxing News, Middle Eastern money men had an 'interest' in throwing millions of dollars at a rematch between the legends.

But the Covid-19 crisis is said to have prevented any proposals from moving forward.

And Mayweather, 43, recently confirmed he has no interest in returning to fight active boxers anyway.

But he is instead interested in facing MMA stars in exhibition bouts, like he did against featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Naswukawa in 2018.

Mayweather last fought as a pro in 2017 after stopping ex-UFC champion Conor McGregor in ten rounds.

He did announce last November that he was 'coming out of retirement' and would work with UFC boss Dana White on a comeback.

The two are still in talks, and Mayweather has teased a return to the ring all year having posted training clips and photos online.

But his chances of rematching McGregor, 32, took a hit after the Irishman revealed he was negotiating a fight with Pacquiao, 41.

The southpaw is instead now focussing his efforts on coming back to the UFC, having been offered a rematch against Dustin Poirier, who he beat in 2014.

He did, however, confirm fighting Poirier, 31, would provide him with preparation to face fellow left-hander PacMan next year.

McGregor tweeted last month: "Correct. Southpaw box style.

"Continue to sharpen my MMA skills with some tough competition, while leading into my Manny bout preparation.

"It’s not easy going between both sports and then coming back to the one sport again.

"Just want to keep sharp guys, that’s all. It’s only fair."

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