Michael Owen ‘mortified’ after getting ‘b*****ked by the QUEEN’ for squeezing into a packed lift with Her Maj – The Sun

MICHAEL OWEN has revealed he was "b*****ked" by the QUEEN for squeezing into a packed lift with her.

The football legend – who also owns horse stables – told how he was left "mortified" after the blunder at Royal Ascot.

Detailing the awkward encounter in his new book, he wrote: "When she [the Queen] walked into the royal lift there were perhaps 15 of us outside.

“‘Come on,’ she said, ‘We can all squeeze in’.

“I obeyed – taking my hat off as I thought that correct etiquette.

“‘If you’d put your hat back on,’ she said, voice raised, ‘we might all fit in!’


“I sheepishly put my hat on. I was mortified.

"To this day I have absolutely no idea if she was joking.

“Louise was nudging me from the other side trying not to laugh because I’d been b****ked by the Queen.”

The Liverpool and Newcastle legend, 39, also told how he tried to make sure his manners were impeccable during a pre-race meal at Windsor Castle.

He added: "I was careful to hold my fork in the correct hand and so on.

“I needn’t have worried. The Queen was throwing bits of starter to her corgis!”


The former England striker makes a series of stunning revelations in his new autobiography Reboot – My Life, My Time.

Last week, we told how Owen was confronted with the sad sight of Paul Gascoigne turning up at Real Madrid with his football boots.

He recalls the time soon after he joined Real when Gazza – who would have been 38 and had been retired for several years – suddenly pitched up in Spain.

All I can say is that Gazza didn't seem to be in the most stable frame of mind

Owen wrote: "I walked into the reception area at Real Madrid and there, in front of me, was Gazza.

"When I looked closer, he was carrying a pair of football boots. I thought for a split second: What? Have we signed him?

"Then reality kicked in when I rationalised with myself that, as good as he had once been, there was no way that Real Madrid would have signed Paul Gascoigne in 2005.

"All I can say is that Gazza didn't seem to be in the most stable frame of mind.

"As much as it was great to see him, there was something incredibly sad and poignant about the image of one of my all-time heroes standing in the reception of the Bernabeu holding his football boots."


Elsewhere in the tell-all book, Owen revealed he was approached to sign to Manchester United by legendary boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Owen claimed he had an "intense" meeting with Sir Alex – but later decided to opt for Liverpool.

However, it was a love of horse racing that forged a bond between the two men and led to Ferguson finally getting his man in 2009.

Owen also admitted at a book signing that he and Alan Shearer are probably unlikely to be going for a pint anytime soon.

The former Real Madrid star enraged his ex-Geordie team-mate with remarks he made in the new book.

Owen revealed in the autobiography that he did not want to sign for the Magpies and said Shearer’s record as a manager was “dire”.

On Saturday he admitted to fans in Chester: "I think I’ve probably got a bit of making up to do."

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