Mike Tyson opens up on his sordid past of paying for orgies

‘I was so sick and I had no idea’: Mike Tyson opens up on his sordid past of paying for orgies and admits he was ‘an animal with money’ after making millions during his boxing heyday

  • Mike Tyson has opened up on his shocking behaviour at the height of his career
  • The 53-year-old says he used to pay for orgies and wanted to ‘f*** everybody’
  • Tyson, who was declared bankrupt back in 2003, ‘bought a lot of cars for girls’
  • Ex-heavyweight champ recently revealed that he was looking forward to death 

Mike Tyson has revealed how he squandered his boxing fortune on wild orgies after turning into ‘an animal with money’ during his most successful years.

Tyson became the youngest man to win a world heavyweight title in 1986 when he defeated Trevor Berbick to claim the WBC belt at the age of just 20.

He went on to dominate the division for a decade and earned the nickname ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’, but struggled to deal with fame outside of the ring.

Mike Tyson has admitted that he was ‘so sick’ when he was young and spent money on orgies

Tyson was declared bankrupt in 2003 despite reportedly earning more than $300million

Fights: 56

Wins: 50

KOs: 44


Tyson became the youngest ever heavyweight world champion when he beat Trevor Berbick in 1986. 

He would go on to unify the division and later become a two-time heavyweight champion of the world. 

Tyson has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health in recent years, and now admits that he was ‘sick’ as far back as the eighties.   

‘When I was young I was an animal with money’ he said during an episode of his popular podcast, Hotboxin’. 

‘Giving people money like f*** everybody, party with everybody and f*** their mothers, their sisters and their cousins… orgies. I was crazy.

‘I was so sick and I had no idea I was so sick. I bought a lot of cars for girls too.’

Tyson, who won 50 of his 58 professional fights, filed for bankruptcy back in 2003 despite reportedly earning more than $300million during his career.

Tyson was the biggest name in boxing for over a decade but his career was full of controversy

In 1991, at the height of his career, Tyson was arrested over the rape of beauty pageant model Desiree Washington. He was sentenced to six years in prison but served less than three. 

In his 2013 autobiography, he admitted: ‘I was out of control drinking, gorging on food, f***ing women.’

Tyson recently admitted that he was ‘looking forward’ to death, telling The Sportsman: ‘From my experience, from what I believe, the more I know about not existing, the more willing I am to die.

Tyson was convicted for the rape of Desiree Washington and served over two years in prison

‘Yeah [I look forward to it], I don’t fear it. Living might be more complicated than dying to me… because living takes a lot of courage.

‘Without the courage, you can’t handle living. Living is a journey; living is a struggle. People have everything and they still can’t do it, they struggle.

‘We take ourselves too seriously; we think we’re somebody. Who the f***, we’re nothing! We come from s***; we think we’re special [but] fame is s***.’

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