Opinion: Aftershocks of Tonya Harding saga best thing to happen to figure skating

Michelle Kwan skated toward the edge of the ice — right into one of the most infamous moments in sports history.

“I’m on the ice with Nancy Kerrigan!” Kwan thought.

It was Jan. 5, 1994, and Kwan was, at the time, an innocent, awestruck, 13-year-old.

"Nancy! Nancy!" the fans were screaming inside Cobo Arena.

After finishing a practice session at the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Kwan and Kerrigan came off the ice together. Kwan let Kerrigan go first, out of deference and respect. Kerrigan, the reigning national champion, leaned against the boards and slipped covers over her blades. She wore a white lacy costume and black gloves.

“Everybody was screaming Nancy’s name, trying to get an autograph,” Kwan said. “Back then, it was autographs, not selfies. She was probably 7 or 8 feet in front of me.”

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