Ronnie O'Sullivan blames REFEREE after farting in match before coming clean after trumping Matthew Stevens

WINDY world champ Ronnie O’Sullivan claimed he was “proud” of the loud FART he let rip on live TV.

O’Sullivan caused a stink by initially accusing ref Ben Williams of letting one go as the  empty Milton Keynes arena echoed to a thunderous guff.

But after his 4-2 Northern Ireland Open third-round triumph over Welshman Matthew Stevens, the fuel-filled Rocket confessed it was him.

He admitted: “I dropped my guts. I said to the ref: ‘Was that you?’ We had a laugh out there. He was in bits.

“But I am taking full ownership of that. Am I proud of that? Absolutely.”

O’Sullivan’s foul came in the fourth frame, as the six-time world champ was lining up a red.

 Stevens,  Williams and  TV commentator Neal Foulds could not stop laughing. O’Sullivan looked up at  Stevens and said: “Terrible guts” — but then cheekily tried to blame the  official by asking: “Was that you?”

The flatulence temporarily blew O’Sullivan off course as he missed his next shot but recovered to breeze into the next round.

O’Sullivan added: “I have had bad stomach problems for the last few months.”

He  has gone big into his nutrition in recent years and often brings his own food to events.

He added: “That’s why I couldn’t do the lockdown, the bubble, because of the food. My stomach was so bad.”

This is not the first time wind has interrupted a match involving O’Sullivan.

A fan blew off at the Crucible during his 2013 World Championship semi-final with Judd TRUMP.

While the 2020 Masters final between Stuart Bingham and Ali Carter was disrupted by an electronic “whoopee cushion” going off in the crowd!

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