Saido Mane appeared to PUSH Lukaku offside before Man United's disallowed goal against Liverpool

Ashley Young scored from a free-kick four minutes into the game but it was disallowed… because Romelu Lukaku was caught offside having been pushed by the Reds' winger.

Young curled the ball into the penalty box and it whizzed past Alisson evading all the other players.

But the referee raised the flag as Lukaku was clearly in an offside position.

He did not touch the ball but his body movement had an impact on opponents meaning he interfered with the play.

Replays, however, showed that just before Young whipped the ball in, Mane pushed the Belgium striker so the referee could rule the goal out.


  • According to the FA Laws of the Game, a player does not need to touch the ball for a goal to be ruled offside
  • Law 11 says that a player in an offside position is penalised on becoming invovled in active play by 'clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts on an opponent'
  • Lukaku's body movement had a clear impact on Liverpool defenders, as well as Allison, therefore interfering with the play
  • However, Mane used what Law 12 describes as 'excessive force' to push Lukaku and it could have qualified for a penalty
  • It occured before the offside offence, so had Martin Atkinson considered it a foul it would have been awarded

Fans quickly took to social media to comment on the situation.

One, @terrywilding was fuming and wrote: "Mane pushing Lukaku offside is great s**thousing".

Another, @mrbloodred, said: "That Mane push is my favourite thing from the game today. Easily.".

But @JaySpearingFC added: "This guy thinks that Mané, who is half the size of Lukaku, can push him 2m offside without him already heading in that direction! Can’t accept they were completely dominated."

Liverpool took the lead 20 minutes later with the Senegalese winger himself firing it home after a wonderful lob from Fabinho.

Despite Jesse Lingard's equaliser, superb second-half cameo from Xherdan Shaqiri saw the Swiss ace score a brace – sealing Liverpool's win.

Following the defeat, United fell 19 points behind the Reds in the league table.

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