Staying home? Stay active. Tips, ideas to exercise while social distancing during coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation and force many to abide by stay-at-home orders, many are searching for ways to stay active. 

Many gyms are closed. Group training sessions or spin classes aren't being held. 

And there's only so much we can do from the confines of our home or while social distancing. Right? 

Not exactly. And we want to help.

And so from trainers and experts in the field to professional athletes and even our own USA TODAY Sports staffers, we offer you these tips and ideas to keep you active and fit despite being stuck at home amid the outbreak.      

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Sports Pulse: Step-by-step walk-through of the perfect push-up


• GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR PUSHUPS: it's a simple exercise, but you want to make sure you're doing it right. Here's how to make sure you're pushups are paying off. 

•TIPS FROM THE GOLF PROS: Professional golfers such as Luke Donald are taking their time away from the game to offer tips to fans on social media. Donald also talked to Golfweek about ways to keep your game sharp — even if you're not allowed out to your local courses.  

A hike through Shenandoah brings you to some prime fly-fishing locations. (Photo: Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY)

• PEACEFUL, PICTURESQUE WAY TO SOCIAL DISTANCE: Fly-fishing in the backcountry is the ultimate in social distancing, a solitary pursuit with a pair of waders and wading boots, a fly-rod and some dry flies.

• BRING THE COMMUNITY TO YOU: Love working out in a group but that option isn't available? Peloton isn't just about riding a bike. It brings the feel of a community to you and offers plans to help you stay fit across the board. 

USA TODAY's Dan Wolken isn't going to the gym these days but still finds a way to get in strength workouts at home. (Photo: Dan Wolken, USA TODAY)

• DON'T HAVE GYM EQUIPMENT? YOU CAN STILL DO STRENGTH TRAINING: USA TODAY Sports' Dan Wolken is a gym rat. But his gym closed? But he says a simple change in mindset is all that's needed to get it done at home, too.  

• DISTANCE RUNNING IN CONFINED QUARTERS: You love running long distances but don't think you can find the space? You don't need a ton of space to run a marathon. This guy did. 

• MOST IMPORTANTLY, CONSIDER THESE TIPS: The National Athletic Trainers' Association has advice on things to remember before (and after) you work out from home. 

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