What Our Parents Thought Of Deadspin In 2018

Shaina’s mom:

Diana’s mom:

Articles appear to be designed for the under 30 group !!!

Megan’s mom:

I am not a big sports fan – but what I like about Deadspin is a perspective on sports that is part social commentary, part humor, and a large measure of political commentary. It’s one of the the few places I see a woman’s perspective in equal measure to a more privileged male perspective. The insider language is sometimes beyond me but the ideas are always fresh.


Megan’s dad:

I think Deadspin does a good job at what they do. I don’t think of it as a news source, but rather a commentary site for sports. Kind of like PEOPLE magazine is to the movie/tv industry.

I find the platform difficult to manipulate. It’s some what counterintuitive.

You’re also correct in assuming that I don’t care for the profanity. I would think trained journalists could express themselves without it.


Roth’s mom:

Well, Dave, I have to say I find the website confusing. It appears the only contributors are Messrs. Kalaf, Fernandez and Nathan and no matter where I went, I found the same articles. I’m guessing the ads for other sites or products are money-makers, because they don’t add anything to the format. And since I have read your articles and those of other contributors over the year, where’d they go? Never mind the last comment, I found other articles on The Concourse. But that is not what I first found when I went to the site.

I find the breadth and scope of the articles to be interesting and informative, but you have to dig for them. Unless the goal is only to focus on the sport of the moment, it is hard to find more general articles and I think those are the ones that separate this site from other sports-related sites or articles. Is there any consideration being given to a general overview page? It might make it easier to find diverse opinions or articles.

This reads like a pan, and I don’t mean it to be. It’s just that I don’t like to dig to find the wheat. And I do love your articles and many of the others. I kind of doubt this will be of much help, so I am going to ask Dad for his input in a separate email. Love and hugs, Mom


Dom’s mom:

I like to read DEADSPIN because the journalists deeply research information and present facts. This is important and is very much appreciated. I like the “ Human – Interest “ stories, based on the personal lives and careers of athletes, many of whom are very generous, caring people. They are interested in their “ roots “ and give back to their communities. I especially was very moved by the recent story re: William Fralic, from Penn Hills, Pa., written by Dom Cosentino.

Woolley’s mom:


Ley’s mom:

So this is year six that you asked me to provide a note or two about my impressions of Deadspin over the past year. You know, it’s getting rather difficult to come up with something new and fresh to say, LIKE YOU GUYS DO EVERY DAY! (why, YES, I AMshouting!)….. and so that is what I appreciated most this year about Deadspin, the fact that you guys continue to be fresh, hilarious, crass, rude and above all, informative. This past year the world has generally been mind-numbingly exhausting and Deadspin provides relief and a distraction from the grind. Deadspin is the haven from the madness, a fireside chat, if you will. I know I will laugh and learn something new when I log on (Which is way too many times a day says the IT security guy here at work). I will not be intimidated! Keep up the good work!!

PS. Might I suggest a new category for the Deadspin Awards? Ass Team of the Year – it will give the Denver Broncos a chance to win SOMETHING next year!


Jorge’s dad:

Brief and substantial information. Interesting and wide-ranging topics. The efforts of the work team are appreciated. I like it

Giri’s mom:

Good morning, didn’t see the text until now. I haven’t noticed any drastic differences. I use to see more non sports related writings & longer pieces & I miss that a bit…Particularly from my son.


Laura’s dad:

Stories off the beaten track. Please tone down the bad language.

Laura’s mom:

Interesting stories with original spin. I’ve spent a lot more time in NYC this past year so I’m inured to the number of F bombs.


Anders’s parents:

To be honest we would approve of anything our offspring does that allows them to support themselves and be happy, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t destroy humanity or the planet. Seems like creating content for Deadspin fits that definition, and it’s also entertaining. Win win!

Kiran’s parents:

The videos are electric.

Lauren’s dad:

Deadspin writers and commenters can provide you with information, interesting perspectives, and a good laugh… all at the same time! In 2018, Deadspin brought us the tragic stories of the Larry Nasser victims, gave us a glimpse into the screwed up world of election politics, while never missing a great dinger highlight or telling us about a once in a lifetime goal. Where else can you find all that?

As a huge sports fan, I appreciate the different takes Deadspin can give, and how they connect sports with the realities of life. While some cannot appreciate different points of view (as they so eloquently tell us in dead letters), Deadspin writers raise awareness and make you think.

The collective talent and range of writing styles within the Deadspin staff is awesome, please keep up the great work! Lauren, I am so very proud of you.


Dan’s mom:

I’m going to let dad handle this. While I read your stuff, I never read anything else.

Dan’s dad:

In a general sense, I appreciate Deadspin because it produces a product that is brave. It does not tiptoe and worship alleged sacred cows. It gives an honest take of what’s happening and even if you don’t like what is said you have to appreciate the approach. Plus it is so varied, combining stories and videos both long and short. There is so much to choose from. Sometimes a real short piece of video has more impact than some of the longer pieces on other platforms. There is quality writing and great insight and to me so much less bullshit or cliche that I can find plenty of other places. Everyone has agendas. I see that less in Deadspin. At times, being the maverick can be like hey look at me and that sneaks in but overall I don’t feel that at Deadspin. The people at Deadspin handle serious topics well but also like to have fun. You can see it. Deadspin has always had the best commenters anywhere. There is less trolling after Deadspin stories than anywhere else. The followers are like the writers and editors at Deadspin: witty and knowledgeable.


Patrick’s dad:

My thoughts on Deadspin…. Hmmm… I have plenty of places to go to get my sports score fix, for just the facts ma’am. I check out Deadspin on the occasional basis, to see what my muckraking son is up to or just to get a different twist on what’s happening in the world of sports.

I think what I like best about Deadspin is that I always get some sort of reminder that athletes are really just humans like me and you, only more so. It also reminds to appreciate that I don’t live my life in public space (as far as I know).

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