Why is Mayweather vs Tenshin just three rounds and what are the rules?

Money is returning to the ring for the one-off exhibition event which will be held at the impressive Saitama Super Arena on New Year's Eve.

Why is Mayweather vs Nasukawa only three rounds?

MAYWEATHER has been keen to stress that this is purely an exhibition and not an official fight.

As such, he has been extremely relaxed in the run-up to the bout, which will be contested over three 3-minute rounds.

The reason for such a short fight is most likely due to Mayweather's time away from the ring (having last fought in August 2017), as well as Nasukawa's limited exposure to boxing.

What are the rules?

THE bout will be refereed with standard boxing rules and is set for three rounds.

Nasukawa isn't permitted to use his kicks or MMA moves as a result and the weight limit will be set at 147 pounds.

Ringside, there will be no judges and both fighters will wear 8-ounce gloves.

It's the first time in his career that Nasukawa has fought under boxing rules and has taken advice from three-weight world champion Jorge Linares.

Officially, this is just an exhibition fight and as such will NOT affect either fighters professional record.

As such, they will both retain their unbeaten records regardless of the outcome.

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