WWE legend Rey Mysterio picks Finn Balor as dream Hell in a Cell match after fighting NXT star just once in past

REY MYSTERIO has revealed he would love to have a Hell in a Cell dream match with Finn Balor.

The legendary luchador was recently drafted to SmackDown with his son Dominik to continue his long-running feud with Seth Rollins.

Meanwhile, Irishman Balor is the reigning champion on NXT.

Neither man competed at Sunday’s HIAC pay-per-view, which saw Sasha Banks defeat Bayley and Randy Orton overcome Drew McIntyre in bruising battles to claim gold.

The 45-year-old Mysterio already has a stunning CV that includes World, US and Intercontinental championship reigns.

He has competed in TLC, Elimination Chamber, I Quit and even a Loser Loses An Eye match, but the veteran has not yet climbed inside the Hell in a Cell structure.

And even though he is not that keen to do so, he says if he had to he would want it to be against Balor.

Speaking on WWE Ahora, he said: “To be honest, I haven't imagined being in a match as dangerous as this one.

“I've imagined myself in matches that I have participated in very few times, like the TLC match, that to me is all about the height, the ladders, and looking for ways to entertain the fans and get a title.

“But talking about Hell in a Cell… I think I'd like to face Finn Balor. That would be historical.”

Mysterio added: “I've faced Finn Balor only once, at Survivor Series 2018. I had great chemistry with him.

“Since then, I haven't crossed paths with him. But if I could choose, I’d pick Finn in a Hell in a Cell match.”

Balor is currently sidelined with a broken jaw but will hopefully be returning to the NXT ring shortly to defend his title.

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