Yankees, Astros wondering if playoff baseballs are dead

Playoff baseball is always different than the regular season, but this is the first time the actual baseball has been in question.

The Yankees and Astros wondered whether there were any difference in the ball used this October than during the rest of the year. Balls seemingly are not traveling as far as they had become accustomed to.

“There were a couple that were hit well that you kind of scratch your head at that you’d think would have left the ballpark maybe during the season,’’ Chad Green said following the Yankees’ 4-1 Game 3 ALCS loss. “I don’t think you really worry about it.”

It also came into play when Didi Gregorius’ fly ball to right came up short of the wall to end the fifth.

“First off, I think every fly ball in 2019 is a homer,’’ Astros manager A.J. Hinch said. “In season, regular season, postseason, I don’t care. It’s kind of been conditioned that way.’’

Astros right fielder Josh Reddick was hesitant to even address the topic, though he didn’t believe it impacted Gregorius’ shot.

“Not really, no,’’ Reddick said. “I know we have all this stuff about juiced baseballs, but that’s a whole other argument I’m not even going to get into the topic of.’’

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