13 Reasons Why: The real-life relationships away from the series

Over three seasons now, fans have watched heart-breaking love stories such as the ones between Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette) and Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) as well as Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) and Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) unfold on 13 Reasons Why. By now, Netflix viewers have learnt that many of the relationships on-screen don’t always come with a happy ending. Away from the camera, however, several of the cast don’t appear to have any such problems.

The real-life relationships from 13 Reasons Why

Dylan Minnette

During the early seasons of the show, social media was flooded with rumours Minnette was dating co-star Katherine Langford.

However, this was never confirmed to be the case and now the 13 Reasons Why star is happily dating another famous face.

Minnette is currently in a relationship with musician Lydia Night.

The pair went public with their romance towards the end of 2018 and share several adorable snaps together on their respective Instagram pages.


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Justin Prentice

The man behind Bryce Walker is reported to still be dating model Annika Pampel.

The pair began dating in 2015, making a handful of red carpet appearances together.

Neither Prentice nor Pampel has shared any couple’s photos online recently.

However, neither have said anything publicly that could suggest they’re not still together.


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Devin Druid

One 13 Reasons Why cast member who has no problem showing off his relationships status is Devin Druid.

The actor who plays Tyler Down regularly updates his social media following with photos with girlfriend Annie Marie.

Druid and Marie began dating in July 2018, celebrating their one-year anniversary earlier this year.

Marie works as a model and has racked up over 100,000 followers on her Instagram page.


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Anne Winters

Actress Anne Winters, who plays Chloe Rice, is in a serious relationship away from the show.

The 13RW star is currently dating actor, model and musician Taylor Beau.

The exact start date of their romance is up in the air but it appears to have been a while ago.

Beau shared photos of him with his girlfriend online over a year ago.


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Timothy Granaderos

The evil Montgomery de la Cruz is played by Timothy Granaderos.

While Monty’s not exactly the kind of person you want to be around, Granaderos appears to have no such problem.

The actor is currently in a relationship with girlfriend Katie Dixon.

Not much is known about the 13 Reasons Why star’s partner but it appears their romance could date back all the way to early 2016.

13 Reasons Why is available to stream on Netflix now.

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