A Place In The Sun’s Jonnie Irwin shut down after ‘noisy’ jibe to guests

Jonnie Irwin was shut down during property show A Place In The Sun when a guest hit back at his comment of "being not the quietest people".

Postal worker Andy and wife Linda, from Leicestershire, were looking to permanently move to Wester Cyprus with a budget of £120,000 for a two to three-bed home.

They were also looking for a property with huge storage as Linda shared details of her impressive collection of up to 4,000 rock music CDs.

In the episode shown on Channel 4 yesterday (November 29),host Jonnie first takes the couple to the village of Tala where he shows them a two-bed apartment with a back garden and a sea view, but they quickly rule out the property for its small size.

But Jonnie has a bit of luck when he introduces a spacious two-bed townhouse in Tremithousa, a hillside Cypriot village with excellent sea views.

During the segment, he reminds the couple that the property sits closely to a communal pool and says it could be noisy sometimes during the day.

He tells Andy and Linda that they "get the huge benefit of having the pool right outside your house", prompting Linda to reply: "That is fabulous."

Jonnie continues: "Now, this is a communal pool. Some of the full-time neighbours that are here, they have their own grandchildren that come.

"It’s not going to be the quietest pool some parts of the year, but you’re not going to be the quietest people hear yourselves, are you?"

While Linda is laughing off the joke, Andy hits back and says: "What you trying to say?"

Jonnie, who is known for his cheeky jibes, replies: "Just my thoughts."

The trio then share a laugh at the exchange in front of the camera before they head to the third property in Kissonerga, which won both Andy and Linda's hearts over.

With the asking price listed at £131,000, they managed to secure a deal for just over £129,000.

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