Amy reveals what really happened with Tommy and Molly-Mae in that steamy ‘sex’ scene

Compared to previous years of the reality show, it has been widely-debated if any of the Islanders have had sex during Love Island 2019 so far.

Following scenes of bed sheets moving and even moaning being heard, fans have speculated that one couple, in particular, has “done bits”.

Molly-Mae Hagues and Tommy Fury were caught on camera rummaging under the sheets, with very expressive looks on both of their faces and after Molly-Mae moaned “Jesus Christ” fans were certain they were having sex.

But close pal Amy Hart, who walked out of the villa to save her mental health following her breakup from Curtis Pritchard, has revealed if they got down and dirty.

“So if she’s lied to me I will be having a stiff word with her actually”

Amy Hart

The 26-year-old air hostess told The Sun Bizarre that Molly-Mae told her at the beginning that she “would not” have sex in the villa.

Amy told the publication: “Molly told me that she would not have sex in the villa and she told me they hadn’t had sex in the villa.

“So if she’s lied to me I will be having a stiff word with her actually, but I don’t think they have.

“I don’t think anyone will this year.”

Amy went on to explain why she thinks no one had has sex in the villa this year, compared to last year which became famous for its “Do Bits Society” club.

She said: “No one wants to have sex as it’s a family show now.

“It used to be more niche but my 73-year-old nan and grandad are obsessed with it.

“It was hard knowing they would be watching it and seeing me upset.”

On day eight Amy shared an intimate night in the hideaway with Curtis and admits she doesn’t regret it but didn’t confirm if the pair had actually had sex.

She said: “I was laying in bed with a bloke I really fancied. I don’t regret it. You forget the cameras are there.”

Love Island continues at 9pm tonight on ITV2.

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