Ayda Field makes awkward jab at James Arthur live on X Factor

James Arthur and Dalton Harris’ stunning duet left Wembley gobsmacked during tonight’s X Factor final.

Ayda Field, however, appeared to have a subtle dig at former winner James as she lavished hopeful Dalton with praise.

The pair had sung Dalton’s winners single Power of Love and were showered with applause.

Afterwards, Ayda said to Dalton: "I feel like Im at your concert and everyone is supporting you."

This was the third time in less than a month that James had performed on the show.

Viewers hit out at James’ performance of The Greatest Showman track Rewrite The Stars last night, with some accusing him of selling out and others claiming he had "ruined" the song.

But fans didn’t enjoy the performance any more than last time and flocked to Twitter to slam it.

One tweeted: "James Arthur, you ain’t no Zac Efron hun #XFactor."

While another commented: "I hate this version of Rewrite The Stars with a passion. Bring back Zac and Zendaya! #XFactor."

A third remarked: " #xfactor this is f***ing dreadful live."

"James Arthur selling his soul and performing the greatest showman. Loses musician points there! #xfactor," another wrote.

The 2012 X Factor winner sang on the show only last month but, unfortunately, his performance was subjected to technical issues.

At the beginning of the performance, James was forced to pull out his earpiece, which is believed to have been due to some sound-related issues.

And fans noticed it as well, taking to social media to point it out.

One said: "Is someone going to turn James Arthur’s mic up any time soon? The audio doesn’t sound rich enough. # XFactor"

Another said: "The sound’s a little dodgy (not on the dalek level) but I know a pop banger when I hear one, and I think James Arthur has got one. # XFactor"

A third added: "The sound is ruining James Arthur peformance now sort it out X factor !!!! #XFactor"

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