Billie Faiers airs concern to sister Sam over changing her name following Greg Shepherd wedding on Mummy Diaries – EXCLUSIVE

Billie Faiers and sister Sam are back on our screen for the sixth series of The Mummy Diaries, which kicked off last week.

In the latest episode Sam quizzes Billie on what name she is going by, since she got married to partner Greg Shepherd.

“You are Billie Shepherd now aren’t you? You’re not going to keep Faiers?” Sam asks. Billie sheepishly responds. : “I don’t know. I do sometimes forget that I’m Billy Shepherd. When i’m on the phone to people i’ll say ‘Billie Faiers.’”

The younger sister defends her sibling for her error being empathetic because she was “Faiers for 29 years.”

Billie conceded that it was “hard to get it out of my [her] head.”

The reality TV star got married to businessman Greg Shepherd in March 2019 in a gorgeous, luxurious wedding in Maldives and have been together since 2013.

Together, the pair share two children; Nelly born in 2014 and son Arthur who was born in March 2017.

In the latest episode Billie confesses that Greg is confused to why she hasn’t changed her social media tags to Billie Shepherd official, as they are still currently Billie Faiers official.

“Greg’s like 'I can’t work out why you haven’t changed your Instagram to Billie Shepherd official," she admits to her sister.

Sam defends the decision saying: “Well, it is a massive part of our business and what we do."

The younger sibling, 28, also stated the the press refer to her by that name and it may be hard to with because of her brand.

Sam: “I’ve noticed that the press still call you Faiers, it’s a hard one because you have built a brand as Faiers.

The former TOWIE star does say to her sister that “agents would say no don’t change it keep it as you are,” before adding: “ultimately it’s your choice,” to which Billie looks perplexed.

In another clip from the upcoming episode of the show, Sam is left in hysterics as she reads DMs that were sent to her mother.

The reality star reads out several messages as she scrolls through her mum’s phone, and the pair both laugh at what the guys are saying.

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Suzanne, however, claims: “I don’t read half of them, there’s hundreds of them, look!”

Sam adds: “It’s just weird isn’t it,” as she scrolls through the messages on her mum’s phone, as the pair are relaxing on the sofa.

The hilarious exchange takes place on the second episode of the sixth series of Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries .

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