Celebrity: SAS Who Dares Wins: Star reveals REAL reason he returned to Channel 4 show

This year’s edition of SAS Who Dares Wins was another runaway success, and the celebrity version has gripped fans even further.

Viewers are hooked watching the likes of Sam Thompson, Camilla Thurlow, Jeremy Irvine, Dev Griffin, AJ Odudu, and the now ex-recruits Louise Mensch and Andrea McLean.

And now ex Special Forces soldier Ollie Ollerton has revealed the real reason he keeps returning to the show and why he thinks it’s important, hinting at the other DS staff’s feelings too.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the star revealed: “To be honest the first show for me was so alien, it was like we come from the shadows into the spotlight.

“And that was a massive transition, and I had to when I was first doing it…” Ollie paused to consider. “I have to understand and I have to have a purpose with everything I do, and trying to understand what that purpose is.

“Purpose gives me passion to do more, so going on the first one and then actually seeing how clever Minnow had produced the first one how he’d done the edit – it’s about human psychology.

“It’s about human performance, it addresses so many topics and issues that resonates with every genre,” the new television star went on.

“So for me, the show is so powerful. When Foxy actually stopped the TV on series one and said he had PTSD and talked about his issues, the effect and the ripple that had across the UK, I just saw how powerful this show is.

“It’s really really important.”

It’s about human performance it addresses so many topics and issues

Ollie Ollerton

The SAS veteran went on to say the TV series is a vital method to shine a light on the career choice, and help families of soldiers to understand what the recruits go through in real life.

“And how it allows veterans to stand up and be proud for what they’ve done and their families to understand what they go through when they sign the dotted line,” Ollie said.

“So for me the show is absolutely powerful and I’ve got so much passion for it now because of the messages it carries and what it does to inspire people.”

Aside from the serious aspects, Ollie laughed at the idea he and the rest of the staff had “nice accommodation”.

“Yeah absolutely five star,” he giggled, before catching himself. “I better be careful [what I say]. We’re living with the guys you know, we’ve got to be right next to them, constant pressure on them forever changing the course.

“So the course – we have a plan, but no plan survives first contact, we have to change and stick the course on how these guys perform.

“So for us we’ve got to live next to them, we live in the same conditions as them, so as you saw on the show we do exactly as we expect them to do.

“We wouldn’t ask them to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves or haven’t done. It’s important we live the same conditions and everything so certainly, definitely not in hotels,” the star added.

Which of the celebrities will end up passing the course? Last week saw radio presenter AJ collapsing in a harrowing moment on the show. 

SAS Who Dares Wins continues Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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