Chrissy Teigen cuddles her mom as she reflects on ‘four hardest days of my life’ after tragic loss of her baby son Jack – The Sun

CHRISSY Teigen cuddled her mom, Vilailuck, after having the "four hardest days of her life".

The model – who tragically lost her baby son Jack in September – hugged her mother and her four-year-old daughter, Luna, in a sweet photo.

Chrissy has not publicly shared the details of what happened this week.

The 34-year-old simply wrote: "One day I will tell you the recent story of the hardest 4 days of my life.

"For now, here’s me needing my mommy."

The presenter also shared a clip of herself in pajamas and a dressing robe on her Instagram Stories and told fans: "I just have an affinity for no longer giving a f**k about fashion."

It's been an emotional few months for Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, who lost their third child in late September.

Sharing a series of devastating black and white photos from the hospital at the time, Chrissy wrote: "We never decide on our babies' names until the last possible moment after they're born, just before we leave the hospital.

"But we, for some reason, had started to call this little guy in my belly Jack.

"So he will always be Jack to us. Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever."

She added: "To our Jack—I'm so sorry that the first few moments of your life were met with so many complications, that we couldn't give you the home you needed to survive.

"We will always love you."

Earlier this month, Chrissy shared a heartbreaking video of Luna speaking to her late brother's ashes.

Chrissy shared with fans that she is "just thinking a lot about Jack today."

"Our house is very open about life, death, grief, everything really," she wrote, "we try to explain things well and answer every question imaginable in beautiful, spiritual but literal way.

"I know this is a weird post but I just wanted to share these to always remember my incredibly empathetic little mini."

In the first video, Chrissy revealed Jack's ashes had arrived and Luna had placed a teddy bear next to the box, as well as piece of her favorite snack, Pirate's Booty.

In a second, Luna could be seen talking to the teddy, and introducing herself.

"Life is infinitely better with her in it. I miss u, Jack. We miss you a lot," she concluded.

In an Instagram Story, Chrissy also shared a snap of her during a yoga class wrapped in a blanket.

She captioned the post: "Me on the end with the blanket, I am Linus. I cannot be without it. I miss Jack."


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