Corrie stars rage at soap writer after they joke about ‘killing off characters’

Coronation Street actresses Kate Ford and Melanie Hill have hit out at a soap writer after his lighthearted remarks about killing off characters.

The pair were left fuming after Daran Little, who has worked on Hollyoaks, Corrie and EastEnders, joked about plotting which characters to kill off while travelling.

BAFTA winning and Emmy nominated writer Daran, 45, flippantly tweeted about passing the time by considering who to kill off in a soap.

He tweeted to his 20,500 followers: "Things soap writers do on boring train journeys, No.1 make a list of all the people you’ve killed off. No.2 make a list of all the people you want to kill off. No.3 make a list of all the people you wished you had killed off."

While former EastEnders star John Partidge replied with several crying laughing emojis, Corrie actress Kate, who plays Tracy Barlow in the ITV soap, didn't seem to see the funny side.

Instead, she just commented: "Oh."

Daran tweeted again: "Chatted to an actor once, said I’d forgotten how he’d left a particular show. His grim reply: “you killed me off”. Oh yes….."

This upset the actress, who commented: "Why are you tweeting this stuff Darren …. ???? This is peoples careers."

Meanwhile Melanie responded in a much more furious manner in a now-deleted tweet: "As an actor in a Soap, I am quite shocked by this flippant/arrogant and quite frankly upsetting comment.

"Who the actual f**k made you God. We are all trying to do our jobs day after day… granted.. yes our lives are in your hands but do you have to be so f***ing MEAN spirited."

However another actor jumped to Daran's defence, with Matthew Marsden tweeting: "I have absolutely no problem with this tweet. Most actors know that we are in an unpredictable business, where we are lucky to be working at all.

"Soaps are one of the few acting jobs where you have some sort of job security, but you are never bigger than the show. It is often not up to the writers anyway.

"There are all kinds of reasons why characters get killed off, whether it be for a dramatic storyline, that the actor is a nightmare to work with or they want more money. That’s the nature of the job."

Daran later apologised for the tweets, writing: "The actor in question had asked to leave. Sorry for offending anyone. Guess I shouldn’t tweet when jet lagged and on meds."

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