Dark season 3 explained: Is Mikkel Nielsen alive in the Origin World?

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Hit Netflix series Dark now concluded with fans lamenting the end of the series. Dark’s creators attempted to tie up the majority of the loose ends. However, given the complex nature of the show, there were still questions left unanswered and it was up to the viewer to try and come up with an explanation.

Is Mikkel Nielsen alive in the Origin World?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Dark

One question fans of the show are likely to have is about Mikkel Nielsen (played by Daan Lennard Liebrenz), who was the child who vanished at the beginning of season one.

Initially, Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) believed, Mikkel’s disappearance was the start of the cycle and by going back in time to save the child, he could stop the apocalypse.

Little did Jonas know he was part of something much bigger, something which spanned multiple worlds and time periods.

Season three of Dark saw the truth about the cycle revealed when it turned out, there was the Knot – two parallels worlds intertwined by a series of events which would occur for eternity.

Additionally, there was a third dimension called the Origin World, which was the source of the Knot and the only place from where it could be ended.

Needless to say, the Knot was destroyed and everything within it ceased to be forever including all the characters and their various iterations.

The show ended with a cryptic final scene involving a group of characters in present-day Winden in the Origin World.

The characters Katharina Nielsen (Jordis Triebel), Regina Tiedemann (Deborah Kauffman), Hannah Kahnwald (Maja Schöne), Peter Doppler (Stephan Kampwirth), Torben Wöller (Leopold Hornung) and Benni Wöller (Anton Rubtsov) were at a dinner party together, suggesting they were the only ones to have survived and essentially “real”.

Nevertheless, there were hints other characters could have still existed outside the Knot including Mikkel.

None of the Winden children were at the party but this didn’t mean they didn’t exist but simply they weren’t invited.

Katharina may still have had her children Magnus (Jahn Moritz), Martha (Lisa Vicari) and Mikkel.

Another big clue about Mikkel still being alive was when Jonas and Martha were travelling through time to the Origin World.

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Along the way, they both saw young version of each other with Martha spotting Jonas as a child.

On top of this, Martha saw Jonas being ushered away by his father Michael Kahnwald (Sebastian Rudolf) which again suggests Mikkel is alive – he is of course the younger version of the character.

These gateways suggested the possibility of multiple worlds which means versions of characters could exist within them even if the Knot was destroyed.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about the end of Dark, co-creator Jantje Friese said: “I think there is a lot to tell.

“I love that there’s so much fan fiction out there. I think it’s great.

“People write stories about the relationships between Aleksander and Regina, and stuff like that. I think that’s awesome.

“If you leave enough open for people to pour their own creativity into it… in that way, it lives. But I don’t want to fill those gaps.”

From Friese’s words, Mikkel’s existence in the Origin World and outside the Knot is another gap which has been left up to viewers to fill.

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are in streaming on Netflix now

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