Detective tells rape victim her story is 'biggest load of b******s'

A detective told a rape victim her ordeal was the ‘biggest load of b******s he’d ever heard’ as she recounted her attack in old footage that aired on tonight’s To Catch A Sex Offender.

Archive video from a BBC documentary filmed in 1982 showed a woman making a complaint of rape to the Criminal Investigation Department.

Recalling the event, the woman explained: ‘They said, “Are you going to get undressed quietly or do we have to hold you down and get you undressed?”

‘They were all watching me and I felt quite embarrassed. It was quite embarrassing. It was terrible.’

She was then asked: ‘Did he ejaculate? Did he c*m?’

‘I think so, yes,’ the victim replied, before he blasted: ‘Well did he or didn’t he?’

A detective then interrupted: ‘Listen to me. I’ve been sat here 20 minutes listening to you, some of it is the biggest load of b******s I’ve ever heard. I’m going to get annoyed very shortly.’

Agreeing with his colleague, another detective chimed in: ‘I don’t think it happened, but don’t let us persuade you from making a complaint. If you want to make a complaint, make one, alright?’

Elsewhere in the interview, the victim was asked how many times she had sex and whether she has sex with her boyfriend.

Addressing the horrible interrogation, the woman said: ‘See what people mean by its easier not to say anything? I was definitely raped.’

The way police deal with rape has changed dramatically since the documentary back in the 80s. Today, all reports are investigated. 

Crime And Punishment continues next Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4 with Criminal Kids.

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