Dr. Dre's ex-wife claims he threw her out in a 'drunken rage' as she demands $2M a MONTH in spousal support

DR. DRE'S ex-wife claimed he threw her out the family home in a "drunken rage," which pushed for them to seek out a divorce.

Nicole Young is currently demanding $2M a month in spousal support.

In a declaration obtained by The Blast, Nicole, 50, claimed that the rapper and music producer had "extreme coercive control over her," which started shortly after their wedding when he allegedly forced her to sign a prenup.

In the documents, she claimed: "While talented, Andre's personal life was turbulent and violent and was marred by encounters with law enforcement, incarceration, and physical and emotional abuse against women."

He had previously addressed this emotional abuse in the documentary The Defiant Ones.

The lawyer then described her estranged husband as having "extreme coercive control over her."

"Under extreme duress consistent with the pattern of coercive control in the relationship that existed before the wedding date," she claimed.

She then proceeded to claim that the time he allegedly forced her to sign the prenup as such "duress foisted upon Nicole was akin to placing "a gun to one's head."

Nicole, who is mother to two of Dr. Dre's kids, detailed an incident which happened on April 1, 2020, which prompted her to file for divorce.

"Andre, who was intoxicated, told me that he wanted me to leave our (Brentwood) residence.

"He started yelling at me, 'F**k you. F**k you. Get the f**k out. Get the f**k out. Go to Mailbu."

After her move to their Malibu home, she claimed the next day "Andre was still angry at me" and sent text messages including "Do no spend one more cent…Period…You can't be mean and disrespectful and spend my hard-earned money. F**k that!!!

She continued: "Andre told me that he committed to improving our marriage. He stated that he would attend couples therapy with me and stop drinking, something he had also promised on March 19, 2020. However, it was not long before he showed he could not keep these promises."

She then detailed that he has allegedly continued to send her threatening text messages, including "If you allow [your attorneys] to disrespect me, dig into my personal business, that means War!!! And there's no coming back from that…"

He also allegedly sent her messages, like: "Why are you ignoring me? Why are you ignoring me…Should I come see you? Why are you ignoring me…Why won't you talk to me?"

She claimed: "Andre's threat to 'come see me' at the Malibu house was frightening and instill fear in me."

Dr. Dre is allegedly trying to retrieve some of his things from the Malibu home, such as his golf clubs, a motorcycle, and a gun.

However, she claimed that "Andre's fixation with obtaining possession of a firearm in the midst of this litigation is particularly distressing to Nicole, especially given Andre's history of violence and coercive control, both before and during the marriage."

She's refused to let him on the property.

Following the April incident, Nicole filed for divorce in June after 24 years of marriage.

She cited “irreconcilable differences” in the legal documents obtained by The Blast.

Amid their divorce battle, Nicole is asking for $2 million a month in temporary spousal support, which could prompt the rapper from losing part of his fortune worth over a billion.

Dr. Dre had claimed that the two had signed a prenup at the begging of their marriage, which protected his fortune.

However, Nicole hit back and claimed that he tore up the documents after he felt bad that he pressured her into signing it.

She claimed in the documents: "I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner.

"Given the extraordinary pressure and intimidation by Andre, I was left with no option but to hire a lawyer (of course, with the help of Andre's team of professionals) and unwillingly signed the agreement very shortly before our marriage."

She then claimed that two years into the marriage, "Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me.

"Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement and that it was null and void."

Nicole is allegedly asking the judge to separate the divorce from the prenup issue.

However, sources close to Dr. Dre – whose real name is Andre Romelle Young – told TMZ that he never expressed shamed over their agreement and never tore it up and claimed it was invalid.

The source further added that Nicole had hired her own lawyer, who was not picked by the record producer's team.

What is Dr. Dre’s net worth in 2020?

Forbes estimates that Dr Dre's net worth is somewhere around $800million after he sold Beats by Dre to Apple in 2014 for $3billion.

Dr Dre originally made his money from his record labels which saw him become a very rich man.

Dre makes money for his work as a producer, but he also still does some performances from time to time.

Dr. Dre owns $80million in real estate in Los Angeles alone.

They also claimed that Dr. Dre will pay spousal support and her expenses, but Nicole is claimed he amassed most of his fortune during the marriage.

The couple had been married for over 24 years and share two adult children: son Truice, 23, and daughter Truly, 19.

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