EastEnders death twist as Martin tipped to kill Keanu in Christmas horror

EastEnders viewers are predicting a murder twist this Christmas, after pictures on location revealed dramatic and deadly scenes for Martin Fowler, Linda Carter and Keanu Taylor.

It was teased there could be horror for Linda, played by Kellie Bright, as James Bye's character Martin appears to take her hostage with a gun.

Amid the chaos, it's also been revealed that Danny Walters was filming on location too as his character Keanu amid the news he is bowing out of the role soon.

Viewers already know there's explosive scenes on the way, as Keanu's fling with Sharon Mitchell and the fact he's the father of her unborn baby is exposed.

He's also expecting a child with fiancée Louise Mitchell, and next month she, dad Phil and the rest of the family will discover the truth.

Now, amid the actor confirming "stunts" and huge scenes for the festive episodes, fans are speculating he could have been referring to the scenes with Martin and not with the Mitchells.

With him on location and reports of a gun going off, fans believe the character's exit could see him murdered by Martin, who was recently caught up in Ben Mitchell's dodgy dealings.

One fan said: "I reckon somehow Martin has got hold of the gun Ben has/had and is ordered to take out Keanu after he finds out about the baby, the collateral damage being Linda who gets in the way."

Another questioned, linking Ben to the twist: "If it's Martin VS Linda VS Keanu then the only feasible way I can think of is Ben sets up Martin to get rid of Keanu after the whole Sheanu stuff."

Following this, another said: "I can’t see Martin killing Keanu myself. I think Keanu’s exit will involve Ben somehow."

A viewer even predicted a new twist paving the way for a whodunnit next year.

They tweeted: "Also if Keanu was to be killed off, we absolutely dig another Whoddunit storyline, might be the perfect time soon!"

The pictures from filming did focus on Martin and Linda, with him appearing to grab her as she screams for help.

With the character armed with a gun there's fears for her safety, while there's no details on what Martin would have against the character to want to kidnap her.

It's all leading up to explosive scenes that see Sharon and Keanu's affair exposed.

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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