EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning kidnapped by Phil Mitchell's thugs as revenge for 'affair' with Sharon

NEW EastEnders teaser photos show Jack Branning being kidnapped by Phil Mitchell's thugs as the Walford hardman seeks revenge on his "affair" with wife Sharon.

Phil mistakenly believes that the local policeman is the real father of Sharon's unborn baby, but it is actually Keanu Taylor.

Before he discovers the truth, Phil will get his henchmen to carry out an attack on Jack – who has a bag thrown over his head and is bundled into the back of a van in the sneak peek images.

At first, Jack looks bemused after being confronted by the two men, and fans have previously speculated that Jack could end up being murdered in a tragic case of mistaken identity.

In tonight's episode of the BBC One soap, Phil was seen telling son Ben that he plans to murder Jack this Christmas before attempting to run him over as he crossed the square.

Much to viewers' horror, Jack's children also ran into the path and Phil only just managed to stop the car from hitting them all.

Concerned Ben then warned him to think about the family and distance himself from Jack's demise to avoid suspicion from the authorities.

He promised to help his dad make Jack pay, convincing Phil to hire other people for the job so they don't get their hands dirty.

The crooked businessman first started to doubt that he wasn't the father of Sharon's baby when Lisa Fowler warned him about his wife's affair.

The comments were dismissed due to Lisa's ailing mental health, but Phil soon grew more and more suspicious – recalling that Sharon was once engaged to Jack, who she'd coincidentally grown more friendly with in recent weeks.

A necklace that Sharon had lent to Linda was then found at Jack's house, acting as evidence to Phil that Jack had been having an affair with his wife.

So far, only Lisa knows that the true father of Sharon's baby is Keanu – who has just welcomed daughter Peggy with Sharon's step-daughter Louise.

The truth is set to come out in the upcoming Christmas episodes, with both Keanu and Louise confirmed to be leaving the show in the coming months.


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