EastEnders spoilers: Whitney desperately tries to escape from rapist's son Leo

EASTENDERS has revealed the first look of Whitney Dean trying to escape from evil Leo.

The market trader – who is played by actress Shona McGarty in the BBC soap – was trapped by Leo in the hotel room after she discovered he was her paedophile abuser Tony King's son.

Spoiler pictures show her desperately trying to escape the room as he blocks the exit and screams at her.

Fans are convinced Leo is going to hurt Whitney after he trapped her in a hotel room tonight when she found out who he really is.

The solicitor – who is played by actor Tom Wells in the BBC soap – has been wooing Whitney for the last few months, blaming her for his paedophile dad's death.

Viewers know Tony King, Leo's dad, groomed and abused Whitney before being caught and sent to prison where he later took his own life.

Leo returned to prove Whitney had lied, which she had not, and take revenge on her and tonight he seduced her and they slept together.

But Tiffany had discovered Leo's secret and raced to save her older adopted sister.

A desperate Tiff called Bianca to try to get her to tell her who Leo really is – and she succeeded.

She told her mum: "Remember that guy I met at the wedding you didn't want me to talk to. Whitney's dating him, she's at a hotel with him right now so tell me who he is."

But as Tiff desperately tried to call Whitney to warn her Leo switched her phone off so she couldn't get through.

Rushing over to Ben's, Tiff told Callum that he was right and begged him to help her save Whitney.

However, back at the hotel Whitney and Leo slept together and Callum and Tiffany finally got through to the hotel.

Tiff told her: "Leo is Tony' son. He's sick Whitney, I don't know what he's playing at but you need to get out of there now."

But as Whitney tried to escape the hotel room, Leo blocked the door and stopped her and fans are fearing for her life.

One fan tweeted: "I swear leo best not hurt my whit."

Another pleaded: "Hope Whitney is able to escape Leo soon ? from the hotel room."

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