EastEnders viewers spot major issue as Max finally gets his hands on Bobby Beale

Max Branning finally got his hands on Bobby Beale on tonight's EastEnders.

The bald businessman wants revenge on Bobby after he spent time behind bars for Lucy Beale's murder.

Max didn't even know Bobby was out of the young offenders' institute until he saw the teenager walking through the market.

Bobby was rumbled when some nasty youths stole his cap, ruining his cunning disguise.

Stunned Max walked out of the chippy and followed Bobby down the street – but viewers couldn't understand how he had recognised him.

Obviously they were joking, as Bobby is now played by Clay Milner Russell instead of Eliot Carrington.

EastEnders fans took to Twitter after watching Max pounce on young Bobby.

One viewer said: "Just how did Max recognise Bobby? Just a thought ?"

Another added: "How the f*** does Max even recognise Bobby? He's got a new head!"

A third said: "I’m surprised Max recognised Bobby after his latest regeneration."

As Bobby got to the gate of the Beale house, Max screamed: "Bobby Beale!"

He then dashed after the panicking youngster as he desperately tried to open the back door.

Bobby managed to get inside but Max burst through the door – and he was done playing games.

Furious Max grabbed hold of Bobby's shoulders and shoved him against the door.

Terrified Bobby couldn't even look seething Max in the eye.

What has he got planned for Bobby?

*EastEnders airs on BBC One on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm

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