EastEnders’ viewers stress over ‘twist’ as Kat frames Ben over Phil’s attack

Kat Moon made a bold decision when faced with an angry Phil Mitchell and was praised by EastEnders' fans for it.

She was left trembling in fear when she turned up at home to see Phil waiting for her to demand answers over his brutal attack , quickly laying the blame at her door.

Instead of denying it she bravely took the fall for Stacey Fowler – who viewers know hit Phil over the head and was left for dead.

Taking the opportunity to twist the truth Kat then warned Phil that he shouldn't trust his son Ben.

Ben had been busy concocting lies about Keanu Taylor being Phil's attacker, but Phil believed otherwise heading over to Kat to confront her.

Phil fumed at Kat: "Someone whacked me from behind! Don’t try and deny it! It was you ain’t it!"

Kat admitted it, raging: "What was i supposed to do? You threatened my kid! give me a reason why I shouldn't finish this job off?!"

She then told Phil: "We are cut from the same cloth we go the extra mile to protect our families.

"You're pointing the finger at the wrong person here," she said warningly.

As Phil begged for more details Kat then said: "That Ben of yours, he’s only out for himself, don’t trust him."

Viewers watching at home thrilled in the twist: "Yes go on Kat!"

"What a twist by Kat," added another.

"Kat just did the most amazingly brave thing for Stacey… and then dropped Ben right in it. Oh my GOD THE STRESS," said another.

"YES KAT! Pin it on Ben! Smart move. That's how the Slaters do it!"

Others weren't as pleased with Kat, with one fuming: "Family means nothing to Kat. She's only out for herself."

"Damn you Kat! Yes Ben is messed up & he framed Keanu but he doesn't deserve the whole blame!" said another angry viewer.

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