Emmerdale fans fuming as Laurel cries over baby’s Down’s syndrome diagnosis

Some Emmerdale fans have been left angry over the way Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) reacted when she found out her baby was developing Down's syndrome.

During Thursday's first episode, Laurel got the news that viewers knew was coming, as the difficult storyline was announced earlier this year.

Laurel broke down in tears when the doctor confirmed her and Jai Sharma's (Chris Bisson) suspicions.

The couple, who have struggled with addiction in the past, then spoke of their vices, Laurel's being alcohol and Jai's cocaine, saying the news made them want to relapse.

And while they discussed their options, viewers at home weren't happy with Laurel's reaction.

One tweeted: "Yikes – we've already got Laurel talking about Down's syndrome like it's a fate worse than death. There are ways to tell this story without acting like someone having it is the equivalent to finding out your baby is terminally ill."

Another agreed, writing: "It's so wrong – I mean in almost every way (apart from a few extra challenges which people way over-estimate), kids with Down's syndrome are literally just normal kids!"

A third wrote: "Must be just me but I'd be over the moon to have a kid I don't care if it had Down's syndrome at least I have a child! Laurel and Jai need to stop this behaviour."

And someone else added: "Don't like this Laurel, Jai and Down's syndrome storyline. So far it's been like it's a dirty word, not the way Laurel, the vicar's widow and friend of Rhona, I thought would have acted. I know there's always two sides… I don't like this one."

However others defended the depiction of the decision, with one writing: "Laurel, frantic with worry. Jai, not quite understanding her concerns. Emmerdale portraying a situation that may ultimately help others who are facing choices. No right or wrong answer and nobody can make that decision for you."

And another tweeted: "Yes it's awful but unfortunately some people panic and do react that way it's the way humans are geared. I do agree it's their choice and I don't envy the heartache they'd be going through."

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