Emmerdale give huge hint at James Tate return as Graham blackmails Kim

Producer Kate Brooks told metro.co.uk of James’ arrival: ‘There’s always going to be a nice young hunk! We haven’t cast anyone yet, but we’ve seen Kim saying that she wants to find Jamie and reconnect with her son, and it’s another Tate name to bring into the fold, so it’s definitely on the cards.’

Asked if he’ll have big secrets when he returns, Kate said: ‘Possibly. But you know, he is a Tate, so he could come with a whole load of other secrets that we’ve got no idea about, that we will find out in due course,’ she said. ‘But yeah, it’s definitely on the horizon. So lots of stuff going on at Home Farm.’

Viewers also saw Graham have his last phone call with Joe before wishing him a nice life. Is that the door closed on the Joe Tate saga? There’s still Debbie to find out her fiance is alive after all…

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