Emmerdale: Paul's brutal betrayal explained as he swipes Mandy's cash for her dream home

PAUL Ashdale’s gambling addiction resurfaces next week in Emmerdale as he steals Mandy’s cash for her dream home. 

Paul has already let his son Vinny down after he violently attacked him last month. But will he gamble away Mandy’s house deposit and betray her too? Here’s the lowdown…

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How does Paul betray Mandy in Emmerdale?

Spoilers have revealed that Mandy will announce to Vinny that she wants her and Paul to get their own place together next week – and that she has enough money for the deposit. 

But when Mandy tells Paul about her plan, he offers to deposit the money at the bank and is hurt when he’s immediately told that’s not a good idea. 

Paul, hurt that Vinny and Mandy don’t trust him, later pockets Mandy’s cash before heading to the bookies. 

Later, Mandy is thrilled when she receives a call from the estate agent saying they’ve secured the house. 

But will Paul lose all of her money?

With Emmerdale keeping shtum, only time will tell.

What has Reece Dinsdale said about Paul’s good nature?

Reece Dinsdale recently spoke out and revealed that there’s a human side to his character Paul – and that he isn’t completely evil. 

Reece explained to Metro.co.uk: “Paul has got an illness and I think we will go on to talk about that in the future. I don’t want to say too much about what’s coming up, but I think there’s a human side to this.

“Paul is not just a bad lad. He’s a product of his own background, and he’s trying so hard, but this is an illness he has.

“What we might find in the weeks to come is that he’s got a real battle with himself. It’s the man he’s become, because of the illness he struggles with.

"Paul is not just going: 'Sod them, I’m going to do what I want'. He truly cares, but he’s got something in himself that is compulsive and he cannot stop. That’s the nature of the character. He’s at war with himself."

Talking about how Paul destroys the relationships he's built up, Reece added: "Paul knows the consequences of what gambling does, but he still can’t stop. He knows but he still jeopardises a whole new relationship that he’s built up with his son, and he jeopardises the love that Mandy is beginning to trust him with."

Has Vinny forgiven Paul for beating him up?

Speaking about Vinny and Paul’s relationship in the wake of the attack, actor Bradley Johnson – who plays Vinny – revealed to Digital Spy: "Vinny's trust for Paul has just gone. If he's going to forgive his dad, it's going to take a very long time for Paul to gain any sort of trust from Vinny again.

"All I can say is that this is the start of a long storyline and in traditional soap fashion, it's not the last you're going to hear of Paul and Vinny's situation."

He teased: "You'll have to wait and see whether it's going to get worse or better, but there's lots more to come."

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