Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy King arrested when Archie Sharma goes missing after Arthur's vile abuse

EMMERDALE’s Jimmy King will be arrested when Arthur Thomas bullies Archie Sharma into running away from the village.

Viewers of the ITV soap watched in horror as the young schoolboy framed Jimmy for the vile abuse he's been subjecting little Archie to. But in an upcoming episode he makes things a whole lot worse.

Fans know that Jimmy recently got caught in the firing line as Jai Sharma accused him of lashing out and bruising his son Archie.

When a number of marks were then uncovered on Archie’s skin, Laurel’s son Arthur Thomas blamed Jimmy.

A disgusted Jai then went on the warpath, and challenged Jimmy about abusing his son.

Jimmy was quick to deny the bruises, which had actually been caused by an angry Arthur.

The young boy is struggling to cope with his mum Laurel dating Jai following the untimely death of his father, and has been taking his aggression out on Archie.

Viewers were shocked as they watched Arthur hit Archie and knock him unconscious to the floor after his father Ashley’s birthday picnic.

In an upcoming episode, things are only set to worsen for Jimmy as Archie slaps Angelica when she and Arthur tease him.

When Jimmy pulls Archie away, Jai is quick to intervene.

He announces things are nowhere near over between him and Jimmy.

Scared the truth will come exploding out, Arthur tells Archie everyone would be better off if he left.

The Sharmas are then horrified when they find Archie’s bedroom empty the following morning.

Jai and the other villagers launch a search party to find him – but their hunt is to no avail.

Things then come to a head when a police officer escorts Jimmy to the station and asks him about Archie’s disappearance.

Later, Laurel receives a phonecall from the school saying Arthur has also gone missing.

Meanwhile, Jai is reeling and declares war on Jimmy, vowing he'll pay for what he's done to Archie.

But the devoted father's mind goes into overdrive when he receives a call from social services.

What lengths will Jai go to to find missing Archie – and what is Arthur up to?

Actor Nick Miles – who plays Jimmy King – has warned Emmerdale fans to brace themselves for awful developments in the child abuse storyline.

Speaking out on ITV’s show Lorraine, the actor discussed how his character had been struggling with his childcare duties and said there's more trouble for the character on the horizon.

He said: “It’s awful for him. He’s been under a lot of pressure looking after a lot of kids.”

Hinting at the dark storyline, he added : “It will rumble through up until Christmas."

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