Emmerdale's Chas Dingle will 'go absolutely atomic' on Charity if she ruins Christmas wedding day to Paddy

EMMERDALE'S Chas Dingle will "go absolutely atomic" on Charity if she ruins her Christmas wedding day to Paddy Kirk.

Lucy Pargeter, who has played The Wolfpack pub landlady on the ITV soap since 2002, has lifted the lid on what viewers can expect if her best pal turns up to her special day uninvited.

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The pair's relationship has been strained in recent months after Charity turned to alcohol following her split with girlfriend Vanessa.

Her behaviour has since then spiralled out of control and to keep the peace, Paddy decided to keep her off of the guest list.

And Lucy, 43, has hinted that there will be huge repercussions if she does decide to turn up.

She told The Sun's TV Mag: "I think she will go absolutely atomic on her, if it has all been planned and Paddy has gone to all the effort of doing it and again Charity on a selfish note, because she’s been told off by Chas, comes in and ruins everything.

"I think she’ll either knock her out and chuck her out and continue with the
ceremony or bind and gag her in her house and just carry on and deal with her at the wedding reception."

But it looks like that might just happen.

Earlier this month it was hinted that Charity will sabotage Chas and Paddy’s wedding as she plans on dressing up in funeral attire on the date of their big day.

Over the past few months Chas hasn't appreciated how Charity has dealt with her recent split as she seems to have forgotten that she has children to look after.

And the pair, who co-own The Woolpack together, have certainly had many heated discussions about it.

Lucy explained: "There’s so many rows going on between Chas and Charity at the moment, there’s loads but the fact that she’s spiraling out of control, her kids aren’t the most important thing to her at the moment, she’s drinking far too much and wallowing in her and Vanessa and not looking after her kids.

"Noah is planning to go to the army, Sarah is not engaged in everything that’s going on.

"They have these chats and Charity says she’s going to step up, but she’s not getting anywhere.

"Chas gets to the end of her tether with her and says that she can’t do it anymore and be the broken record.

"She just loses it in the end and has enough of her."

However the actress did hint that whatever happens between them both, Charity will always be the first person at her side to help her.

She added: "I don’t think she’ll ever completely abandon her because it’s Charity and Chas and if she was to end up in the gutter Chas would be the first person to help her up again.

Emmerdale will air 6pm on ITV on Christmas Day.

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