Fake CNN Pornhub gaffe as internet in stitches as it goes viral

Social media users were in stitches today as a cheeky video circulated online.

A clip, which was later revealed to be fake, appeared to show CNN accidentally having Pornhub open during a live broadcast.

And it quickly went viral on Twitter – leaving fans in hysterics.

One social media user had tens of thousands of retweets and likes as they shared the clip and wrote: "CNN had Pornhub open," followed by laughing emojis.

One person quickly replied: "What on earth?"

As another exclaimed: "Oh Lordy!"

A third chimed in: "Someone is getting extremely fired."

Others quickly realised the clip was fake though.

One Twitter user informed: "As someone who works in VFX and motion graphics, this is almost certainly a badly motion tracked fake. Sorry people. Still funny!"

Another added: "Ya gotta do better with your editing. We'll see if boomers fall for this though."

Stars such as Piers Morgan and Gary Lineker fell for the joke as they retweeted to their millions of fans.

Not realising it was fake, Piers shared amongst his followers as he wrote: "OMG."

His post began going viral too, as it racked up thousands of retweets and likes.

One fan replied: "Hello from Spain, this made me spit my coffee out! Hysterical."

While another added: "Honestly. Who the f**k loads up PornHub at work? Let alone a journalist whose screen could be televised."

Many ended up pointing out to Piers that the footage wasn't real though.

One told him: "Come on Piers, it’s not even tracked correctly lol, it’s all over the shop. Funny though."

Another said: "It wasn’t real."

Piers later had to admit his mistake as he wrote: "Apparently this is a fake. Still bloody funny though."

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