Game Of Thrones Star Isn't Dead, Despite What You Might Have Heard

Online, news of the Game Of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s (Jamie Lannister) death has been circulating, with various Danish news sources incorrectly claiming that the actor has died. These news stories are of course not true, as explained by the man himself.

Understandably irritated at finding out about his death in this way, the actor took to Instagram to voice his anger at those behind the false rumors.

I have been used in ads against my will before but this is insane. To make a fake news story about my death is beyond disgusting. And although it’s great that the various websites that carried the story have taken it down they still ran it because it was paid for. Surely there must be some control into what you put up before you put it up. Anyway. I am fine. Have a great weekend. N

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“Fake news, we hear about it all the time,” Coster-Waldau says. “Now, in Denmark, apparently there’s a story.. er.. that’s been floating around various websites. And It looked like a news story, and the news was that I… had died… Click on the story and go buy some shit. I’m fine, but what the fu… I mean, come on…Imagine if my daughters, my wife, my family had seen that headline?

I mean I get that you wanna sell your shit, but that’s just…So, eh, to you who did this, I know you don’t care, but fuck you.”

The star’s outrage over these reports is understandable, but some Game of Thrones fans are seeing the lighter side of this–many of his followers are commenting on the post asking if Denmark has only just gotten the last season of the show.

Coster-Waldau is next slated to appear in The Day We Died, a film about the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen that took place on February 14-15, 2015.

Meanwhile in other Game Of Thrones news, we are still waiting on more information on the Game Of Thrones Prequel show set to release in 2022.

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