‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mike Gets Himself Caught In A Tangled Web Over A New Lady Love

Mike gets into some female trouble on ‘General Hospital.’

Mike Corbin’s Alzheimer’s story has been running on General Hospital this past year. Sonny’s dad is deteriorating, as they both continue to deal with this terrible diagnosis. Mike has his moments where he remembers pretty clearly, but then relapses quickly. It is all part of his journey.

Mike has gotten into a little trouble along the way as well. He once took little Avery out by himself and then forgot who Avery was and where they were. They were considered missing for a few hours and he felt really bad about it. He has been doing quite well now with keeping himself from getting into any more tight squeezes. However, things are about to get a little complicated once again. According to General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central, Mike becomes smitten with a nice lady named Yvonne.

It was revealed in November that Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress Janet Hubert would be joining the GH cast. Her first air date is expected to be on Friday. Who is Yvonne? She is the gal that Mike Corbin is now smitten with. He is a flirt by nature and he will be doing plenty of that with this new lady. They met while Mike was spending some time at the care facility that he visits daily.

While that sounds great for Mike, it gets a bit complicated as Yvonne is married. Since it is likely that she has the same disease as Mike, she may not even remember that she is married. Her husband is none other than Marcus. He is a new character that just came on the General Hospital scene, but his name has been thrown around for a while now since he is Stella’s former flame, with whom she is obviously still in love with.

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Now that Marcus is in Port Charles, Stella may feel some regret for giving him up to raise her sister’s kids. But there still may be some hope for her to find happiness in love after all. Mike has been flirting with Stella for months and she has also grown fond of him, despite his illness. Now his affections are on someone else.

In the General Hospital previews for Friday, Mike is carrying some flowers for a certain someone, and it may not be the person who is expecting them. In another preview clip, Mike is seen with those same flowers trying to hand them to Yvonne. Unfortunately, Marcus is not having any of it. He is furious that Mike is flirting with his wife. He lets Sonny have it, telling him to keep his dad away from her.

This is quite an interesting pickle that Mike has gotten into. If Yvonne doesn’t remember being married to Marcus and likes Mike’s attention, that could pave the way for Stella and Marcus to be together. However, he is still married and won’t abandon his wife.

General Hospital fans have praised the soap for telling Mike’s Alzheimer’s story so well. It has been an emotional ride with him and his whole family dealing with the many tears and decisions to be made. Keep watching to see more of Mike’s story as he shares the screen with someone else who may be dealing with the same diagnosis.

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