‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Reveal Nina’s Asking Questions, Ava’s Crumbling & Laura’s Making Bold Declarations

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, December 11, suggest that there are quite a few juicy moments on the way. Many Port Charles residents gathered to say goodbye to Kiki, and the drama will pour over into this next show.

Kiki’s mother Ava initially resisted going to the memorial service, and then once there, she started to lash out at many of the attendees. The Twitter sneak peek shows that things will get intense, as Ava cries that she paid for Morgan’s death with her daughter’s blood.

While Carly and Ava have always been antagonistic toward one another, Carly didn’t head to this service with intentions of causing trouble. However, everybody is feeling emotional at this point — and General Hospital spoilers hint that this confrontation will be raw and heartbreaking to watch.

As Ava is struggling, “Kevin” is on something of a high in a sense. Nobody has come to suspect that he’s really Ryan and that he killed both Mary Pat and Kiki, and he’s practically giddy over all of the chaos he’s able to soak up by being right at Ava’s side through this turmoil.

Ryan does have people fooled, for now, but Laura is determined to figure out what’s wrong with her estranged husband. General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll make a comment to Sonny about how Ryan has claimed a new victim 25 years after his last reign of terror — but viewers know that she has no idea how accurate she is in this case. She thinks that the anniversary has taken a serious toll on Kevin, but she may be the key to figuring out the truth soon.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Obrecht will lash out at Anna as she sits in a holding room at the PCPD. It seems that Obrecht will have figured out that Anna and Finn have been scheming — and she’ll demand that they immediately take her to General Hospital. Spoilers via SheKnows Soaps, however, detail that Anna will not be too flustered by any of this, and she’ll apparently be looking toward the future.

Viewers will see Chase and Willow flirt a bit as they try to connect on a date — and a problematic moment pops up involving Sasha, Valentin, and Nina. It seems that Sasha and Valentin will be having a talk about their scheme, and will make a mention of how Nina could end up hurt. Nina herself will overhear just enough to be curious about their discussion.

Obviously, Sasha and Valentin will scramble to cover this overheard tidbit — and it seems likely that they’ll manage to avoid detection, for now. Nina is going to be feeling disappointed in some sense during Tuesday’s episode, but it may take a while yet before she realizes what her ex-husband and supposed daughter have been doing behind her back.

How will Ryan’s schemes be uncovered? When will Nina learn the truth about Sasha and Valentin’s conspiring to mislead her? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are plenty of intense developments on the way, and fans will not want to miss the chaos that’s on the horizon.

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