‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Obrecht Faces Pressure, Sam Digs For Answers, & Margaux Questions Jason

Friday brings some juicy stuff to people throughout Port Charles, according to the newest General Hospital spoilers. Anna and Finn have found Liesl in Cuba, while Sam is trying to determine who knows about her past conning jobs. Margaux is going to have an interesting chat with Jason during this December 7 show and teasers suggest there’s plenty more ahead with this upcoming episode.

As the Twitter teaser reveals, Finn, Anna, and Obrecht will sit down and have a chat about Britt. Liesl is rightfully suspicious of her daughter’s illness and the supposed need to have her intervene, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Anna will get quite manipulative in trying to ensure the doctor falls for their scheme and returns to Port Charles.

Sam has opened up to Curtis about her dead husband Leland and how she had married him as a con, and now she’s trying to figure out who has linked her as Sam to the name she used in marrying Leland. She got a lead by calling the paper that ran the obituary and General Hospital spoilers hint that there could be some interesting twists and turns on the way with this developing storyline.

Curtis will talk with Sam about how people shouldn’t underestimate how trusting others can be, and viewers will be interested to see the context of this comment. It may have to do with this situation from her past sprouting up, but it also may be connected to the situation with Kiki’s murder.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Jason will get some interesting news of some nature, and General Hospital spoilers share that this might be connected to Margaux. Previews show the two talking, and she will end up asking why he would think she might be starting an investigation into him. It’s not clear yet just what is driving this little dance between the two, but things could get interesting here.

Kim will initiate what will probably be an emotional conversation with Oscar, and it looks like Alexis is about to meet Kristina’s new friend Daisy. While Kristina hasn’t picked up on the potential trouble that her connection to Daisy might bring, fans have and they suspect that Alexis will get a whiff of something being off with this gal, too.

Will Obrecht return to Port Charles or will she resist Anna’s manipulations? Will fans find themselves intrigued with this new Sam storyline or will this one fizzle out? General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s a lot of wild stuff on the way in the coming weeks and viewers cannot wait to see what comes up next.

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