GMB's Ben Shephard confesses to forgetting his mask while at a petrol station

Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard has admitted he has at times forgotten to wear his face mask.

The presenter, 45, had been hosting GMB alongside Charlotte Hawkins on Friday morning and the pair were seen discussing the use of masks with Dr Hilary Jones.

It is currently mandatory in the UK to wear protective coverings over your nose and mouth while on public transport and in public spaces, but Ben confessed there has been times when he’s completely forgotten to wear his mask.

He recalled a recent trip to the petrol station and explained he had gone in to pay for his petrol and hadn’t realised until at the till that he had forgotten his mask.

Ben explained: ‘I walked into the petrol station and suddenly realised I didn’t have my mask on as I got to the desk. I was so apologetic and I said, “I’m so sorry, I’ve completely forgotten.”

‘I pulled my jumper over my mouth and the person behind the screen said, “don’t worry, it’s absolutely fine.”‘

Ben continued: ‘You’ve got to pay for your petrol, you can’t just run out because that look suspicious… they were very understanding and I was very apologetic.’

He wasn’t the only one to accidentally flout the rules, as Dr Hilary admitted that wearing a mask has even slipped his mind.

‘Everybody’s done this, I’ve done this. I did it this week,’ he assured Ben.

‘I went into my local chemist, I was in a hurry, I was charging around for an emergency prescription for a patient of mine and there was nobody in the chemist,’ the TV doctor recalled.

Dr Hilary, who was recently seen calling for a second national lockdown, said: ‘They’ve got screens there, and the chemists had masks on, and I suddenly realised after 20 seconds, “my goodness, I’ve forgotten my mask.”

‘I quickly put it on again and said to the chemist, “I do apologise, I should have my mask on. I’m so sorry, I should know,” but it’s so easy to do.’

Dr Hilary stressed: ‘The point is people do it as much as they remember to do it and to be extra vigilant, myself and you included, it’s something that we’ve got to try and avoid, but it happens to everybody.’

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